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Winners of the 2014 McWane Scholarship

The Community Foundation has announced that the following students have been selected to receive the 2014 McWane Scholarships:

Hourly Team Scholarship Winners

Monserrath Lopez (Pacific States team member Daniel Lopez)
Qua China Carmichael (M&H Valve team member Kendrick Carmichael)
Alex Schultz (Clow Valve team member Guy Schultz)
Emely Sandoval (Tyler Pipe team member Juan Sandoval)

Salaried Team Scholarship Winners

Michaela Heys (Tyler Union Team member Jennifer Heys)
Lena Barrett (Corporate team member Kyle Barrett)
Amanda Jeren (Clow Water team member Kimberly McNany)
Maureen Stephen (Atlantic States team member Maryann Stephen)
Christine Henderson (Amerex team member Jeffrey Henderson)
Evan Braun (Canada Pipe team member John Braun)

Congratulations to this year’s winners!  For those students that submitted an application and were not selected, please reapply next year for another opportunity to win one of the scholarships.