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Pacific States HR Manager Jessica Stones Featured in Utah Valley Business Quarterly

Pac States Jessica Stones in Utah Valley Business Quarterly 1We were pleased to learn that Pacific States HR Manager Jessica Stones was just featured in the Utah Valley Business Quarterly in an article by Briana Stewart entitled “The Iron Woman.” Jessica has worked at Pac States for 10 years and in her interview she said, “This is not a stereotypical office job.”

In a male dominated industry, Jessica has no problem holding her own, but in the article she does caution that the environment at Pac States isn’t for everyone.

“When we’re hiring, people either love it or hate it. They’re either fascinated by the surroundings or they think it’s dirty and antiquated,” she says. “I realize I’m completely biased, but I can’t think of a better place to work. We have the best people – the most respectful people. Everyone is hard working and committed in their jobs, and they give us the freedom and independence to excel and take ownership. It’s the very reason I’ve been here 10 years.”

In her final question for the interview, Briana asked Jessica’s advice for women and men in business. Jessica said, “If you want to do well in your chosen profession, you have to show up. No matter how bright or talented you are, no matter how much you have to offer, be here, be on time and be present. Lay your foundation right.”

Jessica’s article is posted on Utah Valley Business Quarterly’s online magazine – look for her on page 30! – or you can read the article itself here.

We’re proud to have you as a member of our team, Jessica!