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Synapse’s SNAP Technology Lights Up TRON: Legacy

Remember the 2010 science fiction film TRON: Legacy, sequel to the 1982 film TRON? Well, did you know that Synapse Wireless, a member of the McWane Family of Companies, helped contribute to those cool luminescent suits using their SNAP technology?

When attending a seminar in California, Chief Technology Officer Alan McFarland became acquainted with Synapse’s SNAP technology and discovered that it would be the best solution to make the film exactly what he envisioned. With SNAP, McFarland was able to monitor the temperature of the actors, monitor the level of the batteries, provide control to the suits lighting effects, and do all of this without wires. Talk about a great find!

With the help of Synapse and SNAP technology, the famous “light suits” were able to be created successfully and exactly how the film/television lighting specialists wanted them to be. Several award nominations and wins later, and with a gross of $400,062,763 at the end of its theatrical run, TRON: Legacy was definitely a success!

And the rest is history!


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