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Tyler Union Holds Disa and Melt Department Team Appreciation Luncheon

In recognition and appreciation of their accomplishments in February, Tyler Union held a luncheon for the Disa and Melt Department team members on March 9.

The Disa Department was recognized for no safety recordables and over six GTPH (good tons per hour) with less than 5% downtime during the month of February!

The Melt Department was recognized for meeting all production goals and scoring the highest grade on the Environmental Scorecard for the month.

UFC 2018 Disa-Melt Department Aprpeciation Luncheon

Pictured bottom left Disa Crew: Rafael Alvarez, William Averitte, Michael Blakely, Jayc Brisker, Roger Camp, Carl Daniel, Dilion Davis. Kenneth Dixon, Dustin Doss, Anthony Dudley, Carrall East, Brandell Elston, Juan Flores, LaRay Fomby, Torey Gamble, Alex Garcia, Wesley Gibbs, Timmy Graham, Joe Harbin, Anthony Harden, Arsenio Hayes, Chris Hovenden, Fred Hughley, John McNair, Calvin Merkerson, Reggie Miller, Chad Norton, Matthew Phillips, Tiki Roberts, Jeremy Shell, Tyler Smith, Dakota Strickland, Greg Thomas, Sammy Thomas, Steven Vinyard, Hank Vree, Chris Wagner and David Wagnon.  Not pictured: Tommy Ardis, Shannon Bates, Roger Bell, Mondrecco Bush, Josh Gerhart, Ed Grinfield, Wesley Hartness, Larry Huey and Jeremy Jackson. Pictured top right Melting Crew: Tracy Bates, Chad Biggers, Justin Busby, Everett Clayborn, Adrian Eady, Juvenal Estrada, Matthew Gowens, Phillip Haynes, Justin Holcomb, Brandon Leath, Mark Marable, Tim McCain, Justin McGatha, Elijah McRath, James Morris, Billy Pressley and Mark Terry.


Manchester Tank Quincy Celebrates New Safety Record

MTQ New Safety RecordThe Manchester Tank Quincy Team held a Safety Celebration on Friday, June 20, to celebrate 90 days without a recordable injury. To celebrate they held a cookout for 320 team members on two shifts. This is a new safety record for MTE Quincy! The old record was 79 days.

The MTE Quincy team received the following accolades:

Robert M. Graumann, Manchester Tank President: “Congrats again to all of the MTE operational and safety leaders – no recordable injuries in May is a fantastic accomplishment.”

Jeet Radia, McWane Senior Vice President/EHS & HR: “Congratulations to the team that worked to reduce injury rates at MTQ so dramatically. I know this was a team effort that required unrelenting focus and attention as well as hard work at all levels. The results pretty much speak for themselves.”

Barb Wisniewski, McWane Vice President Health & Safety: “Great Job everyone! What a difference a few years of concerted effort can make! Thank you for making this huge difference in our team member’s daily lives.”

Bryan Hoggan, McWane Assistant Vice President of Health & Safety: “Congratulations on the strong performance. I appreciate your efforts to keep the focus and drive better performance.”

Tom Schilson, MTE VP of North America Operations: “Great stuff! Thank you everyone! Everyone’s efforts have made Quincy a safer and better work place.”

Congrats Team!