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Matheson Gas Treats Tyler Team to Some Good Ole Texas BBQ

On Tuesday, October 17, our friends from Matheson Gas treated the Tyler Pipe team to some good ole Texas BBQ. Matheson Gas has been in the Tyler area since 1977 and Tyler Pipe has been purchasing their gas and welding supplies almost from the beginning. To show their appreciation, Luke Porter and his team brought out their BBQ pit, serving tables & trough cooler and fed over 250 hungry Tyler Pipe team members.

As you can see from the pictures their set up is second to none. Luke said that Matheson Gas put the pit trailer together to travel around their supply area for appreciation events like the one at Tyler Pipe.

TPT 2017 Matheson Gas customer appreciation luncheon

Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day

What do you love about July 4th?

On this Independence Day, we’re giving you four things we love about the Fourth of July!


Imagine sitting outside on a cool summer night, with nothing but the light from the stars and the moon to illuminate your surroundings. Then, all of a sudden bursts of various colors fill the sky giving an “enchanted” feel to the atmosphere around you. One of the greatest experiences in the world, right? Many people only shoot fireworks a few times throughout the year, and luckily, Independence Day is one of those times! Fireworks just seem to elicit warm, magical feelings that give you no choice but to love them.


There are many great outings and activities to enjoy, yet nothing compares to a good ol’ BBQ. The idea of good food, good friends, good music, and good fun is something that everyone looks forward to once the temperature begins to rise. On Independence Day, it’s nothing out of the ordinary to go outside and see your neighbors firing up the grill or smell the enticing aroma of grilled food…yum!


It’s always enjoyable to relax, visit new places, and get away from the happenings of your everyday life. Numerous Americans vacation during the Fourth of July weekend whether it is to their hometowns, the beach, or to big events like celebratory parades and music festivals. Vacationing is always fun, but it’s something about doing it during the holiday that makes it that much more special.

Being American Made

McWane employs more than 4,000 U.S. workers who safely and sustainably manufacture ductile iron pipe, soil pipe, fittings, hydrants, and valves in facilities here in the United States. We are committed to American workers and American industry. Reports even show that “Buying American” helps to strengthen the economy, creates new jobs and promotes responsible, environmental practices…talk about proud to be an American!

These are just four things we love about the Fourth of July, but of course there are many others, and while we love these things about Independence Day, we must never forget the true meaning behind the holiday. We hope you all have a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable weekend!

Leave a comment below and tell us four things you love about the Fourth of July!