Celebrate #WorldHealthDay + Fruity Nutty Chicken Salad recipe

Fruity Nutty Chicken Salad

The theme for World Health Day 2015 is “Food Safety.” There are many germs and bacteria that our foods are exposed to, and sometimes those bacteria even make it into our bodies causing many of us to experience a food or water borne disease at some point in our lives. In order to help prevent these illnesses, it is our duty to make sure we always practice safe food handling practices.

The World Health Organization had this to say about food safety:

The great majority of people will experience a food or water borne disease at some point in their lives. This highlights the importance of making sure the food we eat is not contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses, toxins and chemicals.

“Food safety: from farm to plate, make food safe” is the theme of World Health Day 2015. The day focuses on demonstrating the importance of food safety along the whole length of the food chain in a globalised world, from production and transport, to preparation and consumption.

Over the past half century, the process by which food gets from the farm to the plate has changed drastically. Food contamination that occurs in one place may affect the health of consumers living on the other side of the planet. This means that everyone along the production chain, from producer to consumer, must observe safe food handling practices.

As you can see, food safety is very important and we should always take proper precautions when handling food. To celebrate #WorldHealthDay, we have shared an awesome recipe for “Fruity Nutty Chicken Salad” that we hope you enjoy! Remember to observe safe food handling practices when preparing this dish!

To learn more about World Health Day, please visit: http://www.who.int/campaigns/world-health-day/2015/en/

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