Nighthawk Announces Manufacturing and Industrial Automation Sensor and Control Device

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Nighthawk, the leader in Cellular Cloud M2M devices has released the MultiHAWK versatile manufacturing and industrial automation sensor and control device. It provides real-time monitoring of up to eight sensors and provides analytics, alarms, data logging and integration with existing control systems.

The device allows the capture of real-time and historical data from the field creating a valuable flow of two-way information enabling operational decisions that improve your bottom line. The MultiHAWK comes in a small weatherproof enclosure and works directly via the built in cellular connection with WebConnect™, Nighthawk’s award winning Cloud-based control application that comes bundled with the device.

The MultiHAWK family of devices uses cellular and mesh communications to reach locations previously out of reach. The MultiHAWK device allows for the connection of up to eight unique sensor inputs or seven with an optional power control circuit. For many users a single sensor type will provide all of the intelligence needed to achieve their goals. This flexibility allows the device to achieve the level of performance required at the lowest possible cost. These devices provide real-time visibility to the status of machines and processes. They provide the granularity of detail needed to maximize efficiencies and prevent costly downtime and equipment failure.

The device works with any combination of the ubiquitous array of 4-20 mA, digital sensors that dominate the sensor market providing an extremely wide variety of applications. The MultiHAWK takes its versatility a step further by providing an optional power control circuit that allows one to take action on the data being monitored directly or by the analytical rules set up in WebConnect.

WebConnect provides alerts and automated controls via the rules engine within the analytics software package. The WebConnect control portal allows one to log in from any device providing full access and reporting capabilities. The local system administrator can set up additional users and permissions.

This combination of a versatile manufacturing and industrial M2M wireless sensor and control device and the open interoperability offered by its cellular Cloud-based control system is what makes the MultiHAWK the most adaptable, easy to deploy, and cost effective solution for M2M needs.

About Nighthawk: Nighthawk is a mobility leader in machine to machine connected devices and Cloud-based control solutions. For over two decades, we have pioneered intelligent devices and systems that allow for the centralized on-demand management of assets and processes. Nighthawk manages machine to machine communications on over 20 networks worldwide.

Nighthawk products are used throughout North America, Caribbean and Asia in a variety of mission critical applications, including hardened and secure utility control. We are building the future of mobility solutions for machine to machine control with our WebConnect™ device strategy.

Nighthawk is a subsidiary of McWane Inc, a leading manufacturer of ductile iron pipe, valves, hydrants, and fittings. McWane products make up the backbone of vital water distribution and waste-water treatment systems throughout North America, dependably providing the U.S. with clean drinking water. The company operates 25 manufacturing plants including 13 iron foundries across the United States, Canada, Australia, and China.

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About mcwaneinc

McWane, Inc. is a family business based in Birmingham, Alabama, with iron foundries across the United States and the world. McWane’s divisions focus on the safe, environmentally friendly manufacturing of ductile iron pipe, fittings, hydrants and valves. These and other products provide the backbone of vital water distribution and wastewater treatment systems for communities across the globe. The company employs more than 6,000 workers and has a longstanding commitment of support to those communities where our employees live and work. For more information, please visit

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