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Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown Visits Clow Water Systems

L to R: Billy Boyce, International USW Representatice; Senator Brown, and Jeff Otterstedt, McWane Senior VP for Pipe Group

L to R: Billy Boyce, International USW Representatice; Senator Brown, and Jeff Otterstedt, McWane Senior VP for Pipe Group


In June, Brown’s Amendment to the Water Resources Reform and Development Act Would Benefit Ohio Manufacturers Was Signed into Law by President Obama

COSHOCTON, OH – On Wednesday, July 2, 2014, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown visited Clow Water Systems in Coschoton to highlight recent legislation signed into law by President Obama that benefits Ohio manufacturers. Brown introduced, and helped pass, an amendment to the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) that would ensure American-made iron and steel are used in federally-funded water infrastructure projects when available and competitively priced. The amendment benefits Ohio manufacturers like Clow Water Systems in Coshocton, and Nucor Steel in Marion.

“For our economy to continue adding jobs, we must ensure American taxpayer dollars are used to support manufacturers and workers at home, not overseas,” Brown said. “That is why I fought to include language in recent legislation that will strengthen our economy and infrastructure while benefitting Ohio manufacturers like Clow Water Systems.”

WRRDA connects businesses and communities throughout the country with critical resources for maintenance, inspections, and upgrades to water infrastructure projects. Brown’s amendment extended Buy America provisions, which ensure that federal taxpayer dollars spent on public infrastructure utilize American-made materials and labor, to water infrastructure projects. Before passage of WRRDA and Brown’s amendment, Buy America applied to federally funded roads, bridges, and rail projects but not water infrastructure.

Brown continues to champion the cause of domestic manufacturing and its workers. Described as “Congress’ leading proponent of American Manufacturing,” Brown is a member of the Senate Manufacturing Caucus, currently Vice-Chair of the Senate Auto Caucus, and was recently named incoming Chair of the Senate Steel Caucus.

Manchester Tank Quincy Celebrates New Safety Record

MTQ New Safety RecordThe Manchester Tank Quincy Team held a Safety Celebration on Friday, June 20, to celebrate 90 days without a recordable injury. To celebrate they held a cookout for 320 team members on two shifts. This is a new safety record for MTE Quincy! The old record was 79 days.

The MTE Quincy team received the following accolades:

Robert M. Graumann, Manchester Tank President: “Congrats again to all of the MTE operational and safety leaders – no recordable injuries in May is a fantastic accomplishment.”

Jeet Radia, McWane Senior Vice President/EHS & HR: “Congratulations to the team that worked to reduce injury rates at MTQ so dramatically. I know this was a team effort that required unrelenting focus and attention as well as hard work at all levels. The results pretty much speak for themselves.”

Barb Wisniewski, McWane Vice President Health & Safety: “Great Job everyone! What a difference a few years of concerted effort can make! Thank you for making this huge difference in our team member’s daily lives.”

Bryan Hoggan, McWane Assistant Vice President of Health & Safety: “Congratulations on the strong performance. I appreciate your efforts to keep the focus and drive better performance.”

Tom Schilson, MTE VP of North America Operations: “Great stuff! Thank you everyone! Everyone’s efforts have made Quincy a safer and better work place.”

Congrats Team!