Meet McWane: Phil Emler, Clow Water

Phil Emler

Phil Emler

“He goes above and beyond.” That is one of the many accolades you will hear about Clow Water team member Phil Emler. The story of Phil’s life is inspiring to say the least. Phil started working for Clow Water on 8/26/1964 after graduating high school. When both of his parents died, Phil became the head of the family and took on the responsibility for his five brothers (Mark, Jack, Scott and twin brothers Dwight and Duane) and one sister (Louise). His siblings ranged in ages from 2-16 and his main goal was to keep the family together. Phil said, “I decided to keep the family together in the house Dad built in 1957 for us from the basement up.”

Phil’s aunt helped him hire a lady for $25 a week to watch the children after school while he worked. From time to time, Phil would take the entire family to the local drive-in theatre. He also has great memories of going swimming and taking the family to the Columbus Zoo. However, Phil said, “I was glad when they grew up.”

Starting out in the labor pool, Phil worked third shift for 17 years in various positions. After 49 years at Clow Water, Phil says he still likes coming to work. He recalls the early years when there were two cupolas working. Phil has seen lots of changes over the years and feels that Clow Water is a much safer place to work today. After almost 50 years of service, Phil is actually considering retiring in October.

Phil’s siblings have thanked him through the years for keeping the family together and providing for them in their time of need. In case you’re wondering what become of his siblings, Mark went to Ohio State University and became a nurse; Jack attended a Career Center and become a carpenter; Scott, Dwight and Duane all work in the landscaping business, and sister Louise is now retired after working for Edmonds, Inc. To this day Louise still lives in the house their father built.

Thanks, Phil, for your many years of service at Clow Water. The dedication, hard work and contribution you have made will surely be felt by the Emler family and Clow Water for generations to come!

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