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Pacific States Team Walks in Honor of John Balian

Pac States Relay for LifeThe night of Friday, June 21, was a special night for 40 Pacific States team members who showed up to support their Relay for Life team and walk the track. They raised over $22,300 over several months prior to the event, and walked more than 141 miles that night!

Rick Garcia won the paid day off (after walking 20 miles that night)! Other top Pac States walkers included Vili Kolomalu (10 miles), Philip Robertshaw (10 miles), Jeff Tracy (8 miles), Victor Guereca (7 miles), and Josh Moffitt (7 miles).

The Pac States team was also mentioned in an article in the Daily Herald:
Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe, based in Provo, had a large team on hand and presented a large donation to the event’s organizers. Jessica Stones, a human resources manager for the company, said they got involved after their general manager John Balian passed away from cancer three years ago.

“We just wanted to do something to honor him and to help the cause,” Stones said. For the last three years the company has organized a charity golf tournament and donated that money to Relay for Life. This year they raised $17,000 from the tournament and threw in $5,000 of their own, plus a little bit more from other fundraising efforts. “Today we’re at 22 [thousand] and change. Hoping to raise a little more tonight,” Stones said. “We’re just happy to be here. It’s a great cause.”


Congratulations to all the Pac States team members that helped raise money for Relay for Life this year in honor of John Balian!

Atlantic States Holds 2014 Biggest Loser Contest

Atlantic States Biggest Loser 2014In an ongoing effort to help promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage healthy habits, Atlantic States is holding another Biggest Loser Contest. The contest began on Tuesday, March 4 and will end on Wednesday, September 4, giving participants six months to reach a new healthy weight.

Rules of the Contest:

  • All participants must weigh in on Tuesday, March 4 in order to qualify;
  • Each participant must weigh in weekly; and
  • The final winners will be calculated by total percentage of weight loss

On September 4 the winner of the Biggest Loser Contest will be named and the following prizes will be awarded:

  • 1st Place- $300 Gift Card
  • 2nd Place- $200 Gift Card
  • 3rd Place- $100 Gift Card

The top three Biggest Loser winners will also be given an opportunity to “double their prize”. If they maintain their final weight at the weigh-in on September 4 for an additional six months (March 2015), they will be presented with a second gift card of the same value as their September 4 prize.

Being that the contest ends in 3 months, participants are already half-way through! We cannot wait to see the ending results and hope that everyone is doing well on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Good luck to all participants!

Bibby Ste. Croix Team Members Take the Défi Pierre Lavoie Challenge

Bibby Ste. Croix Defi Pierre Lavoie Challenge

(Pictured: Pierre Cayer, Steve Larose, Alain Beaudet, Alex Papineau, Guy Dubois, Pierre-Luc Fallu, Jean Couture, and Tom Leonard)

Bibby Ste. Croix team members recently had the opportunity to participate in the Défi Pierre Lavoie Challenge on June 12-15. The goal of this event is help kids make healthier choices in their everyday lives and build habits that will become the norm for future generations by promoting physical activity, healthy eating, and perseverance at school. The Grand défi Pierre Lavoie began in 2008, and became the largest health-related event to ever be organized in Quebec.

The Bibby team participated in a 135 kilometer (83 mile) bike tour which raises funds for local elementary schools to promote healthy life habits. It was 68 degrees on the day of the event and they had solid rain so no one had to worry about overheating. Most of the team finished in 4.5 hours with one member finished in 5.45 hours.


Bibby Ste. Croix Defi Pierre Lavoie Challenge - Alain Poissant

Fonderie Laperle team member Alain Poissant also participated in the Défi Pierre Lavoie Challenge and cycled 1000 km (635 miles). His bike tour began Thursday night, June 12, and finished Sunday afternoon, June 15, with cyclists travelling an average of 250 km (135 miles) per day.


Great job Team!

Meet McWane: Phil Emler, Clow Water

Phil Emler

Phil Emler

“He goes above and beyond.” That is one of the many accolades you will hear about Clow Water team member Phil Emler. The story of Phil’s life is inspiring to say the least. Phil started working for Clow Water on 8/26/1964 after graduating high school. When both of his parents died, Phil became the head of the family and took on the responsibility for his five brothers (Mark, Jack, Scott and twin brothers Dwight and Duane) and one sister (Louise). His siblings ranged in ages from 2-16 and his main goal was to keep the family together. Phil said, “I decided to keep the family together in the house Dad built in 1957 for us from the basement up.”

Phil’s aunt helped him hire a lady for $25 a week to watch the children after school while he worked. From time to time, Phil would take the entire family to the local drive-in theatre. He also has great memories of going swimming and taking the family to the Columbus Zoo. However, Phil said, “I was glad when they grew up.”

Starting out in the labor pool, Phil worked third shift for 17 years in various positions. After 49 years at Clow Water, Phil says he still likes coming to work. He recalls the early years when there were two cupolas working. Phil has seen lots of changes over the years and feels that Clow Water is a much safer place to work today. After almost 50 years of service, Phil is actually considering retiring in October.

Phil’s siblings have thanked him through the years for keeping the family together and providing for them in their time of need. In case you’re wondering what become of his siblings, Mark went to Ohio State University and became a nurse; Jack attended a Career Center and become a carpenter; Scott, Dwight and Duane all work in the landscaping business, and sister Louise is now retired after working for Edmonds, Inc. To this day Louise still lives in the house their father built.

Thanks, Phil, for your many years of service at Clow Water. The dedication, hard work and contribution you have made will surely be felt by the Emler family and Clow Water for generations to come!

Anaco Announces the Winner of the Walking to Wellness Program

Anaco Walking to Wellness 2

Anaco just concluded their 14-week Walking to Wellness Program and are proud to announce that Jorge Arroyo was the grand price winner with 2,718,215 steps!

A total of 47 Anaco team members enrolled in January 2014 and 20 team members successfully completed the program on May 2 with an impressive 24,135,651 steps in all.

The goals of the program were to help team members set a routine, establish long-term fitness goals, eat healthier meals, and work fitness into their daily routine by walking daily at home and at work while measuring their steps with a pedometer.

All program participants received an award at the end of the program, but Jorge won a pair of walking shoes and had his name placed on a perpetual trophy.

Congratulations to Jorge and the other Anaco team members for walking your way to a healthier you!

Zinwave and Comtech Korea Join Forces to Simplify In-building Connectivity


Joint development project demonstrates Zinwave’s intention to become a leading supplier of wideband Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)


Zinwave Ltd, global providers of distributed antenna systems (DAS) for in-building wireless coverage, announced today it is working on a joint project with its sister company, Comtech Korea, to develop a future-proof Point of Interface (POI) device for in-building DAS installations. Senior staff from both companies will be available to discuss the project at CommunicAsia, taking place in Singapore from 17-20 June. Zinwave can be found on booth number BQ3-01 in the UK Pavilion.

This announcement demonstrates Zinwave’s on-going commitment to accelerate product development and research into next-generation in-building solutions, further to its acquisition by McWane Inc, a privately held manufacturing company based in the US and owners of a global group of wireless technology companies.

Comtech Korea specializes in designing and developing macro and in-building coverage extension solutions for the mobile operators and systems integrators. The company has quickly secured business with major Korean and Japanese operators and is now expanding into the US.

Jointly designed by Zinwave and Comtech, the compact, high-performance, POI device will sit at the head-end between the base station and the distributed antenna system. It will simplify connectivity to base stations by eliminating the need for complex multi-component interface implementation systems.

The POI device will be supplied alongside Zinwave’s unique wideband DAS, enabling systems integrators and neutral host providers to offer an end-to-end solution to mobile network operators (MNO), building owners and enterprise customers. Its dynamic monitoring tools (operable onsite or remotely via a web browser) will, when installed with Zinwave’s 3000 DAS, enable a fully monitored, alarmed and configurable coverage solution. The management utility also enables the POI to operate independently, which provides an opportunity to use the unit as the manageable head-end to smaller passive networks.

Zinwave’s in-building DAS is the only system on the market that is truly future-proof, supporting any combination of services and frequencies between 150MHz and 2700MHz, regardless of modulation scheme or protocol, on a single hardware layer. The high performance POI device will also support all existing and emerging frequencies and services, including FDD and TDD LTE.

Says Colin Abrey, Chief Marketing Officer, Zinwave; “Being part of a global technology group gives us access to a large pool of resource. By working in partnership with our sister company, we can significantly reduce the time to market and develop a portfolio of products to enhance our wideband DAS offering.”

Says Eric J OH, CEO, Comtech Korea; “Comtech is very confident with fast and advanced technology engineering design and cost effective mass production. Zinwave and Comtech will take advantage of the expertise and resource the McWane Tech Group has to offer to develop next-generation coverage solutions for the in-building wireless industry.”

The high performance POI device is expected to be available for global release during 2014.

SOLBERG® RE-HEALING™ Fluorine-Free Foam Achieves FM Approval Certification

RE-HEALING RF3, 3% foam concentrate being applied to a large simulated storage tank fire

RE-HEALING RF3, 3% foam concentrate being applied to a large simulated storage tank fire

June 6 , 2014

Solberg announced today the company has achieved FM Approval on the company’s RE-HEALING™ RF3, 3% and ARCTIC™ 3×3% ATC™ firefighting foam concentrates.

RE-HEALING Foam concentrate is a high performance fluorine-free foam concentrate for use on Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires. The product is also used to prevent re-ignition of a liquid spill and control hazardous vapors. The new FM Approval includes use with bladder tanks, proportioners, foam chambers, foam makers and fire sprinklers.

“Advances in foam technology have completed another revolution of the fire science world. We have passed from protein to fluorine containing foam in the 20th century to high performance non-halide containing RE-HEALING foam for the 21st century,” explained Solberg’s General Manager Steve Hansen. “All of the ingredients in RE-HEALING foam concentrates have been individually tested under the HOCNF protocol and are safe for use from the North Sea to the South Pacific. Every question that has been asked of RE-HEALING foam has been answered without a sacrifice in fire performance.”

RE-HEALING RF3, 3% foam concentrate is both UL Listed and FM Approved for use in automatic sprinkler systems at exactly the same application rates and sprinkler operating pressures as Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) concentrates. Equal system performance has been achieved with a completely fluorine-free concentrate that also happens to be high performance firefighting foam.


Solberg has been on a roll lately! We encourage them to keep up the great work and continue to make McWane proud!

McWane at AWWA ACE14!

ACE14hp801x120 It’s finally time; ACE14 is here! ACE14 is the American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) Annual Conference & Exposition. This year’s conference is held in the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston, Massachusetts, from June 8 – 12, and McWane is definitely in attendance!

At ACE14, we are unveiling our latest version of the McWane Pocket Engineer™ app – the industry standard for mobile support and information.

If you are not familiar with the McWane Pocket Engineer™, it is an app that allows users to retrieve pertinent technical information on ductile iron pipe products very easily through its automatic calculators. Users simply provide the relevant input data and the McWane Pocket Engineer™ does the rest! The app has numerous uses beyond just the technical information provided by the calculators. Marketing pieces, submittal data, manufacturing videos, and sales contacts are merely a click away…AND it is designed to work on any mobile device and on any computer.

It’s just another way that we make it easier to do business with McWane. Give it a try by visiting!


If you plan on attending ACE14, make sure to stop by McWane’s booth, #1510, to participate in a few giveaways! We will have McWane Pocket Engineer™ wristbands as well as Subway and Best Buy gift cards. Stop by, learn about McWane and the McWane Pocket Engineer™ app, and see if you can win a gift card. You never know; today may be your lucky day!

Remember, that’s booth #1510!

Meet McWane: Kent Arnold, Clow Water

Kent Arnold VPPPA Safety Champion Award

We are proud to announce that Clow Water Team Member Kent Arnold was awarded the Safety Champion Award at the Region V VPPPA Annual Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Kent is a third generation, 45 year employee at Clow Water System and during his tenure has filled various roles within the local USW 7014, including Union President twice. Kent currently manages the VPP Program and coordinates over 15 monthly department committees and is the driving force on their VPP Board of Directors. He also serves as a Special Government Employee (SGE). As a SGE, Kent works with Ohio OSHA one to two times a year certifying and re-certifying VPP sites.

Kent travels a couple times a year to other McWane facilities to assist them in reaching their goal of VPP certification. He also manages the Safety Hazard Program at Clow Water and coordinates feedback to Team Members when needed until the hazard is fixed.

Congratulations Kent! You are a true testament to the commitment to safety excellence at Clow Water!

Solberg Headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin Receives LEED Certification

Solberg LEED Certification


June 4, 2014


The Solberg Company announced today that the headquarters/manufacturing facility located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has been awarded Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Certification.

LEED is a third party certification program and the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in 2000 through a consensus based process, LEED serves as a tool for buildings of all types and sizes. LEED certification offers third party validation of a project’s green features and verifies that the building is operating exactly the way it was designed to.  Solberg’s certification process took eighteen months to complete.

“LEED is a direct complement to our product strategy of developing and commercializing high-performance, environmentally sustainable firefighting foam concentrates like RE-HEALING™ Foam, the first multi-certified fluorosurfactant, fluoropolymer-free firefighting foam for Class B fuel fires,” explained Solberg’s General Manager, Steve Hansen. “LEED building criteria included: sustainable sites, water efficiency, waste efficiency, energy and atmosphere, indoor environmental quality and innovation in design. In short, we live the environment in everything we do.”

The Green Bay facility totals 20,750 square feet (19282) of floor space within two buildings located on 10 acres of land. The manufacturing/warehouse/office building encompasses 16,650 square feet (15472). A separate 4,100 square foot (3822) building – 64 ft. high (20m) is a state-of-the-art fire research and test laboratory where firefighting foam products are developed and tested to industry compliance standards.