Meet McWane: Terri Evans, Manchester Tank Bedford

Terri Evans

Terri Evans

It was a long hot summer in 1972 when a 12-year-old Terri Evans began helping her brother mow the grass and maintain the landscaping at what would become the Manchester Tank Bedford facility. It was called Extruded Alloys back then and their mother worked as the Executive Secretary/Personnel Assistant. A few years later, Extruded Alloys closed the plant and Brunner Engineering eventually reopened the facility as an ASME Pressure Vessel manufacturing facility and Terri’s mother regained her former position. By 1987, Terri’s mother retired and Terri applied for the opening. E.B. Martin, the personnel administrator at the time, took Terri under his wing and became an invaluable mentor. He saw her potential and took the time to help develop it.

“I have had various mentors throughout my career, each having an impact on different aspects of my professional growth, from management skills, communications skills and technical skills. And while all of my mentors have played a role in my ability to reach my goals, there are two that stand out above the rest. E.B. Martin being the first to see my potential and now Larry Bowers is my mentor challenging me, encouraging me, teaching me things I wouldn’t have otherwise known,” said Terri. “This gives me the confidence to be effective in my job every day.”

Terri’s highly analytical mind, her commitment to quality and her Hoosier work ethic have proved to be a fearsomely effective combination – helping her rise through the ranks despite changes in facility ownership including Manchester Tank’s purchase of Brunner in 2000. She also continued her professional development using the company’s tuition reimbursement program to take college courses part time while raising her family and working full time, and in 2007 Terri earned a BS in business management. The climb from the ground floor (literally) to management took time, and along the way Terri learned not only the intricacies of our businesses, but also the wisdom, discipline and perseverance necessary to excel. Today she’s assistant group environmental compliance director responsible not just for the Bedford facility, but a number of other manufacturing and distribution centers as well.

“Watching Terri’s professional development and being able to play some small part in that development has been one of the highlights of my time with McWane,” said Corporate Environmental Director Larry Bowers.

Today, Terri is paying it all forward, sharing her knowledge and experience with those around her. Tiffany Smith, MTE Bedford’s Environmental Manager, had this to say about Terri:

“I have been so fortunate to begin my career under the tutelage and guidance of Terri. When I took my position shortly after graduation, I was overwhelmed, but Terri always took the extra time needed to help me to succeed. Her mentoring has improved my skills, enhanced my potential for professional growth and given me renewed confidence. I am grateful for each day that I have to learn from her.”

So are we all!

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